Some kind words from my friends and clients:

Website Design

Jim, not only are you on the right track, you are dead on. Thank you for listening and understanding. — Karen Patterson, Executive Director, Idyllwild HELP Center

Hey Jim! Looks good, I’m impressed! — Dore Capitani, Dore’s Mountain Art Garden

“Jim Crandall creates websites that stand apart from the ordinary. His technical and artistic skill made my own art website one that is not only visually striking, but effective in attracting viewers. I couldn’t be more pleased.” — Steve Hudson (RIP), Idyllwild Artist

Website Redesign

“WOW, I guess you’ve made my web-site POP! Looks so good and I’m so happy and proud of myself for finding you to help me!” — Judith Way, Idyllwild Pilates & Massage

Website Help

“Jim Crandall completed my work promptly and efficiently. Plus, he straightened out my GoDaddy account and saved me money!” — Suzi DuAmarell, Idyllwild Artist

Computer Help

“As a 100% remote Sales Executive, I am totally dependent upon my computer everyday. If it is down, so am I. “Several weeks ago, on a busy weekday morning, my computer started malfunctioning in that is was not responding normally to any input, nor could I open my inbox, drafts, etc. It wasn’t frozen, but everything that opened was incorrect and unrelated to what I asked for. It appeared as though it’s wires were crossed.

“Panic set in. I called a couple of friends who know a lot more than I do about troubleshooting problems. From my description of what was happening, they wouldn’t go near it and suspected I was in for a major meltdown and hoped I had back up on everything I needed.

“I called my computer retail store and was told I would have to leave the computer for at least 24 hours and did not receive encouragement from the tech I spoke to.

“I remembered hearing about Jim Crandall and his capabilities regarding [Macintosh] computer repair, troubleshooting problems and the like. I was able to see him within a short time, he listened to me, made sure I did have my data backed up, and within 30 minutes had me straightened away. No drama, no heroics, just down to business and as clear an explanation as possible of what seemed to be the problem.

“Upon telling my experience to a number business associates and friends, I received feedback very similar to what I had experienced working with Jim. I would highly recommend and trust him to work on my computer anytime I have a problem.”  —Louis Bacher, Idyllwild, California